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Matricide at St. Martha's (Robert Amiss Series #5)

Matricide at St. Martha's: A Robert Amiss/Baroness Jack Troutbeck Mystery (Robert Amiss/Baronness Jack Troutback Mysteries) - Ruth Dudley Edwards Various factions at a women's college in Cambridge (The Dykes-the young women fellows who want a womyn's studies center, The Virgins-the older fellows who want to concentrate on scholarship, and The Old Women-the male fellows who just want some nicer amenities like a decent wine cellar) are fighitng over a bequest from an old girl and Robert is called in by a loud and profane former colleague, Ida "Jack" Troutbeck, to help ferret out some info. Soon after he arrives violence occurs which leads to murder and mayhem. Very funny look at some of the excesses of political correctness on the campus