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Naked Prey
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Dawn Patrol
Don Winslow
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George Orwell, John Carey
All the Dead Voices - Declan Hughes

One of my favorite PI series though the plots are so intense that I have to spread the time out between each book to avoid becoming overwhelmed.  I especially like the Dublin setting since most PI books I read are based in the States and found his treatment of the history of the IRA and the past violence quite timely since the Gerry Adams situation has been in the news recently.

Dixie City Jam - James Lee Burke

I listen to this series because I enjoy the atmosphere and writing though sometimes the violence and sheer evil of the some of the villains is almost too much. The plot in this entry had quite a bit going on between the Nazi sub, the vigilante killings, and the organized crime angle but everything was well handled. Listened to the audio version read by Mark Hammer whose voice is perfect for Dave.

Gentleman of Fortune - Anna Dean

An engaging historical mystery with a smart, witty heroine and a serviceable plot.

Dope Thief - Dennis Tafoya

This debut crime novel was both gritty and seemingly realistic and had the added bonus of delving a bit deeper with the characters and the aftermath and effects of criminal behavior.

Curse of the Blue Tattoo: Being an Account of the Misadventures of Jacky Faber, Midshipman and Fine Lady [CURSE OF THE BLUE TATTOO] [Mass Market Paperback] -

A fun YA historical that was greatly enhanced by the outstanding narration of the audio by Katherine Kellgren. Jacky is a bit over the top though and I did think the book could have been shorter but still an enjoyable listen overall.

And Did Murder Him - Peter Turnbull

Straight ahead police procedural set in Glasgow. While the plotting is quite lean the characters over the course of the series are well fleshed out and I have found each installment enjoyable.

Bad Luck: A Gibbons and Tozzi Novel (Book 3) - Anthony Bruno

A well written crime thriller featuring two FBI agents, the mob, and an Atlantic City developer who is trying to promote a heavyweight title fight. The plotting was very tight with just the right amount of violence and humor.

Bruno, Chief of Police: A Novel of the French Countryside - Martin Walker

Quite a good debut mystery. The main attraction for me was the small French village setting. I thought the author did a good job introducing all the characters and, though the pace was a bit leisurely, the plot was nicely done. Listened to the audio version which was narrated by Robert Ian MacKenzie.

The Confessor  - Daniel Silva

A very enjoyable thriller with a smartly done plot and great locations. I listened to the audio version which was narrated byJohn Lee who did a great job with all the different nationalities of the characters and kept the pacing smooth.

The Last Real Season: A Hilarious Look Back at 1975 - When Major Leaguers Made Peanuts, the Umpires Wore Red, and Billy Martin Terrorized Everyone - Mike Shropshire

A look back at the 1975 baseball season when players were still, for the most part, not paid very well but seemed to have more fun.  I can only remember the historic World Series for that year so reading about Billy Martin's managerial antics with the Rangers was fairly interesting.

The Shining - Stephen King

Even though I have never seen the movie it is so famous within pop culture that the plot held few surprises but the book was still well worth listening to because the characters were so well drawn and the suspense was masterfully handled. The narration by Campbell Scott helped build the tension and really added to my enjoyment.

Morgue Drawer Next Door - Jutta Profijt

Crime fiction's oddest team are back for a second time. I wondered how a follow-up story would work but was pleasantly surprised. Pascha and Martin are still engaging characters and the plot perked along quite nicely. Listened to the audio version once again read by MacLeod Andrews who does a great job with Pascha's first person narration.

Junkyard Dogs  - Craig Johnson

A bit lighter than the previous books in the series with lots of quirky characters and some pretty far out situations. The Wyoming winter setting was bone chilling and the narration of the audio, by George Guidall, was topnotch.

The Professionals - Owen Laukkanen

While this thriller was not terrible I was fairly underwhelmed. The plot became less plausible as the book went on and I never did really warm to any of the characters. Listened to the audio version and the reader, Edoardo Ballerini, was quite good and was the main reason I finished the book.

Stallion Gate - Martin Cruz Smith

At first I did not think this was going to quite up to par with the Renko series but this standalone turned out to be an entertaining tale of historical suspense. Listened to the audio version which was narrated by Frank Muller who was one of the best.

After I'm Gone - Laura Lippman

I always enjoy Lippman's books and this was no exception with the usual compelling story, well developed characters, and Baltimore setting. It was also nice to see a few old favorite characters pop up too.